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Be welcoming to all
of your students.

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Create strong
student, faculty and
alumni connections.

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Run smooth and happy


Help first-generation
college students.


How can NameCoach help you?


Great First and Lasting

Help ensure prospective students feel like they belong from the first interaction with your school.

Maintain a consistent customer service experience from recruiting through matriculation and enrollment

Communicate that you care about Diversity & Inclusion on your campus


Make Every Interaction

Enable instructors, student services, advisers, and peers to be more respectful and inclusive in every interaction.

Build a sense of belonging and community across the campus as part to promote student persistence and achievement.

Demonstrate a commitment to Equity & Inclusion from the classroom to commencement.

Alumni &

Secure the Future with a Stronger
Relationship Network

Maintain strong and personal relationships, even after graduation.

Empower fundraising and development officers to start every call with a great first impression.

Make inclusive interactions a part of your alumni and donor engagement strategy

Pronunciations Where You Need Them

NameCoach seamlessly integrates into the tools you use every day.


Record Once, Access Anywhere

Students voice-record their names and set up their NameCoach profile once – in a new student enrollment process or within your LMS – for use across the campus.

Directly Integrate into your LMS, SIS, and other campus systems

Faculty, staff, students, and graduation announcers can access recordings and profiles seamlessly across class rosters and student profiles in any system, using our LTI Tools for your LMS, API, and commencement web app.


Leverage the world’s largest database of accurate audio name pronunciations for fundraising, alumni engagement, and new student recruiting directly within your Salesforce instance, and automatically pull student recordings made in your other campus systems when available.

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Foster real inclusion in your classrooms and beyond

Never mispronounce, misidentify or misgender a student again

Audio name pronunciations, chosen names and gender pronouns

LTI tools for immediate installation into your LMS

Students can record and update directly within your LMS or other campus systems

Automatically see pronunciations and pronouns for any class roster or student profile

Flexible deployment options

Admin Dashboard & Institution specific controls


“We want to encourage a culture of respect on campus, and one of the best ways to convey respect to someone is to get their name right – and to get their pronouns right, too.”

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“Since launch, NameCoach has been among the fasted adopted tools at the California Community Colleges. Learn how CCC is utilizing NameCoach throughout campuses to foster a warm and welcoming environment for students.”

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“Of all the tech tools rolled out in my 10+ years at CSUN, NameCoach has to be the best-received one I’ve seen. Faculty and staff ‘just get it’ and they love it! It was also the easiest implementation from an external vendor I’ve seen here. Obviously, you want to get a potential donor’s name right when you address them.”

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