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As campuses across the world cancel or postpone typical end-of-year events, they are considering creative options for ensurign that graduates are still recognized and inspired.

NameCoach is currently
supporting these efforts in
the following ways:

If someone at your institution is reading names either for a virtual real-time event or pre-recorded recognition event, we are continuing to support the NameCoach Commencement application to help ensure names are pronounced correctly.


Henri William Martin

Account, BBA
NC School of Business
Magna Cum Laude

“I’ never thought this day would come, and can’t wait for what the future holds”

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To support individual graduate recognition and commencement ceremonies done virtually, we are now working with customers to:


Create individualized slides or a slideshow with name, photos, honors, department/area of study, quotes, etc.; and name/announcement audio.


Provide professionally recorded name audio and graduation announcement audio (e.g. name + honors), based on student-submitted pronunciations and our general pronunciation database.


Provide a webpage to host commencement speaker and other video, individual graduate recognition slides, and social media feed.


Where timeline permits, allow student feedback on professionally recorded name pronunciations to doubly ensure they are correct.


Manage livestream and professional MC.


Allow easy placement of individual graduate recognition slides on school-hosted commencement websites via our API.

Please email [email protected] to discuss your particular needs.

Name Coach was a great partner for our virtual Commencement! We were looking for a partner who could help us take our name pronunciation for our students, read them and apply them to slides that we could share during the virtual ceremony. They made the process easy, created an on brand and beautiful slide with a picture of the student, degree, school and honors information. Each slide also said the graduates’ name too. Their support was incredible all the way through. I highly recommend working with NameCoach for your ceremony!

Sean Ducey
Events, Associate Director
University of Portland
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