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Accurate audio name pronunciations in the tools you use every day, to promote inclusion, belonging, and rapport in every interaction.

In just 3 simple steps:
Listen, learn, say it right!

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“A person’s name is to them the sweetest,

most important sound in any language.”

Dale Carnegie
Promote diversity, inclusion and belonging

Ensure everyone feels respected from the first interaction with your brand or organization

Make the best first impression

Build instant rapport and better lasting connections

The ultimate personalization tool

Let your customers feel like you really know who they are

How it works

Accurate Audio Name Pronunciations

Name pronunciations can be either user-generated or drawn from the world’s largest database of accurate audio name pronunciations, based on proprietary data and linguistic expertise worldwide.

Machine Learning and Data Driven

Many names have several pronunciations. NameCoach’s algorithmic recommendation model surfaces the most likely pronunciation based on factors like nationality, ethnicity, gender, and location.

Pronunciations Where You Need Them

NameCoach seamlessly integrates into the tools your organization uses every day.

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Integrate with your existing
tools in a few clicks

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“Of all the tech tools rolled out in my 10+ years at CSUN, NameCoach has to be the best-received one I’ve seen. Faculty and staff ‘just get it’ and they love it!”

Director of Web & Tech Services, Student Affairs

“Turns out I was pronouncing an important prospect’s name wrong, but incrediby, NameCoach got it right. We now use it in Hubspot and LinkedIn to make sure we connect the right way on every outbound.”

Chief Commercial Officer

“Trying to figure out name pronunciation ourselves was a nightmare. We were blown away and told our leadership that you guys are magicians, like Penn & Teller.”

CX Services Project Manager

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